Why we are strangers?

No matter how may times we meet, we remain strangers.

No matter we live in front of one another, we are strangers.

Why we are having those thoughts which make us enemies of one another, and we have no regret of this.

Just cut your body and see, no matter we are Hindus or Muslims everyone have same shade of blood, that is red.

A prosperous house had been divided, everywhere there was a violence among our own people.

Now this is high time to think that how may times we would be divided on a single issue.

Which ISHWER or ALLAH(god) said that you are enemies.

Realize your self consciousness and feel we are those flowers which makes a single garden.

What is the basis to spread the blood of innocent people?

Then why you want to take a bath in blood-river?

We actually don’t know how long life we have, we can’t say we will see tomorrow or not.

Then, why your heart do not stop you from hurting others.

No human is bad, that the idea which the person is holding may be bad.

Throw out these ideas from your heart and learn decent behavior.

You are human, he is also a human. Then what is the difference between you and him?

Then, why you are giving the same pain to others from which your heart feel pain, if you can do then do something good for helpless people.

We are same creatures, our sorrow is same and have same feelings for pain.

Try to feels the pain of other, the world would be seen as you want.

Look at the person who is crying because you have given him the wound.

It is you who had cried by the same pain, your own pain would be reduced just put you helping hand on his head.

What you have done as a human if you have not helped other human beings?

You have killed your humanity before being human.

Think, what you have done, why you have done, by throwing out your human virtues what goal you have achieved.

Now it’s enough, feel regretful for your past and just throw out the ill feeling you have in your heart for others.

Otherwise, one day you would not apologize yourself for this.

Human nature

This is human nature that he picks the facts that justifies his mentality. But that’s doesn’t mean that only that particular thought is right. To avoid this we have to listen everyone. Those also whose ideologies do not suit us 1%. And this may be possible if we say our point and at the same time listen others point respectfully.