The Gift Of Superstition to India

The horrowing period in Indian history, which we can never forget was colony rule. This has converted our country from golden bird(sone ki chidia) to a pauper. In these two centuries we have lost that glam and wealth which was a result of our thousands of years hard work. We can never recollect it in near future. Yes this is the reality. First time when european came to India, they were socked that the person who was actually a beggar, was totally covered with golden jewels. This was the India.

The biggest question why India became a colony??? We may say that due to the ambitions of european, but actually colonisation of india was a gift of our superstition to us. How?? Let me explain. For this we have to focus a little on european history. It was a time when whole europe is going through the renaissance. Humanism was a unseparable part of this renaissance. Humanism means we don’t have to think about god when nobody knows it. Despite this we have to think about the human & try to better the human life, which is the one and only reality of our birth. The renaissance & humanism inspired everyone to research new things. The kitchen of every civil european was converted into a laboratory. Their confidance & courage was so increased that they wanted to find every unknown thing & place of the world. For this purpose they started navigation. Their kings were also supporting  them. This resulted discovery of many areas which were unknown for Europe including America and India.

Now let me tell you that this process of finding news things gifted Europe a scientific revolution which further converted into industrial revolution. The industrial revolution increase the production thousand times. Now these countries really needed some market to consume  their products & to achieve raw material for their industries. This was the only reason that started competition of colonisation among Europeans.

Now let’s come on the actual question. Why did India become a colony?? Before India European countries made whole America & Africa their colony, then they repeated it in Asia including India. The process was same everywhere. First of all European went as a professional to these areas, then slowly slowly dominated those economical & administrative system.  They have not done this first time with us, but only repeated what they were doing in the whole world.  But the real problem was that we were not aware about this.  We didn’t know that what was happening around the world.  We had no idea that they were not only businessmen but also the representative of deadful imperialistic powers.

This lack of information about the world was not just a coincident, but it was all because of our superstitions. These totally disconnected us with the world. To go across the sea water and in that areas where a specific grass & animal did not exist( these were undoubtfully only in India), was restricted by these superstitions. There is no doubt that on the name of religion these superstitious thought were proved more powerful than personal ones.  These things not only decreased our business but also converted us into a non-cognitive population.

The reason behind this was only one.. Our superstitions. We were treated like a slave, our whole money transfered to Britain, we have lost all of our glory & remained just as a pauper. This was not only a financial loot but also an emotional wound for us, not fore one or two years, for two centuries. Why???  Just beause of these superstitions. We can blame Britain for this & of course it was morally wrong what this country had done with us, but we have to understand that if Britain would not do this any other European country would do, because we were unaware.  French and duchess also came to India to do so, but Britain was the winner among these. So we blame Britain. By this we cannot avoid our weakness. That was a phase of colonisation. Our information about the remaining world could only unite us to face these power. But unfortunately due to superstitions of our society we had missed & pushed under a colony rule, which is really a deadful experiance of human history not only for India but also for world.

Now leave this. It was just a bad dream. But some things really trouble me. Why we have learned nothing from history?? Why now in 21st century we are following superstitions, which actually ruined us in past?? At present time also in our country there are some fraud, claiming that they will tell you your future, they will save you from every problem & you just have to do as they say. We gladly permit them to hurt our kith & kin(which are actually mentally sick) on the name of see off the ghost from their body. We worshiped that babas which are now in jails on the charges of rape and other immoral crimes and the other may be the same except some respected ones. But we are not ready to learn a lesson from these things. Except a few persons every Indian would follow any superstition in his or her life at once for some reasons like to get a child, to get a boy child, to make a perfect house, to get a good job or to overcome an uncurable illness.

According to a survey in 2012 more than 80% of Indian believe any type of superstition. It’s not only about uneducated people. More than 61% of the companies follow any unreasonable thing to get financial benifits. Let me clear, i am not against the god. Now tell me if the god is anyones personal heritage?? So if any human claim that he is more closer to the god than you or he can solve any problem of the world then he is making you a fool. If they can do anything then why are they not solving the environment pollution and climate change problem of world or the drought problem of India.

Now come to the point. I just want to say that we have to learn something from our history. What have we learnt?? We are following these supestitions as well as, which was the biggest reason of our bondage. There is a rule of history. If we do not learn anything from it, it will repeat itself again and again. So revoke these superstitions completely otherwise be ready for the another horrowing gift from these unreasonable superstitions.




‘KI & KA’ is a movie (you all know) which is going to release very soon. I am very happy after knowing the concept of the movie. It just says that there should not be any difference between between a girl & a boy. Both of them can do everything. So we should not say that you are the girl or the boy, so you cannot do that particular thing or have to do that particular thing. This is all about ‘KI & KA’. I really like the concept.

But is this really a solution. Let’s go to a little back. Few years ago writer Chaten bhagat has written a novel “FIVE POINTS SOMEONE: WHAT NOT TO DO AT IIT”. I can understand that various people in India have no interest in reading a novel. But on this novel  the blockbuster movie ” THREE IDIOTS” was made. We all know that whole India is crazy about movies & here we are talking about Amir khan & karina kapur’s blockbuster. I personally think that till now at least 90% of Indian have seen the movie. So everyone knows the concept which sharply criticise the rote learning of our education system. The concept was really great but has anything changed??? Even the rote learning is increasing day by day.

Now let’s come at ‘KI & KA’. I am not talking about 100% people but surely in 90% cases it’s a reality of our society that only women are responsible for all of the household work, doesn’t matter she is working or not. Let me say that i am 24 years old. In these 24 years i daily see the women in our houses cooking food, washing utensil & clothes, ironing chothes, making the tea, cleaning the houses & even giving the food to their husbands on the table & tea in the beds, but in such a long time of period i have never seen any men doing all these things for their wifes. Even in 80% of Indian houses it’s really a sin to say the men to do so. I have also seen such a situation when the mother is ill, doughter has an examination next day & the son is totally free. But he cannot help his sister in the work. Perhaps it’s against his ego.

Now tell me is there really not a difference between the girl & boy in our society???  I don’t think so.  Why men take the things in such a way. The women do all of the work, it’s all right. But when the time comes for a man, they can never do. Why??? Is this a work which is below their dignity?? Is this a work of servents??? If so, then why women have to do this. Are they maids?? Then where is the equality?????  All of us must understand that we are human being. God never says that this particular work must be done only by women or men. Then who are you to do so??  We have to do all of the work together & live happily. I personally think that the man who treats the women equally & does not have so small level of dignity which can heart by our household work, will be the real hero for me & i’ll respect that man the most.

So, “KI & KA” is a great attemp towards changing our mindset( though i don’t know how much it being liked). We must assure that we will not only watch & enjoy the movie but also apply. We can do everything if we want. To change the mindset we can also do some changes in our education system. It may be very helpful. Another thing we women have to prepare that we will gives our sons such values that they always treat the women equally.I know that the way is very long, but it’s the one & only option. That’s all.

That 200 Rupees: Which made me Nisha

In my childhood i was extremely innocent and emotional girl. I was so sinless that i often trusted everyone. I thought why anyone would tell a lie? What was the need to do so? Just because of this type of behaviour many people including my brothers  often made me foolish. But today i think that sinless, emotional behaviour was not my weakness. These are the things which forced me to do something to solve our social and system problems.

Now let’s talk about that 200 Rupees. I was in first year when i have to go to a medical university with my friend to submit her brother’s examination form who was doing MBBS from a government college.  My friend was a little shy. So i went to talk the clerk and told him that i had to submit the examination form. Let me tell you that we are one day late of last day of submission. The clerk looked me with angry eyes and said ” just get lost. Private college students are better then you. Do you know yesterday was the last day of submission.” I politely said ” sir, really so sorry. I know it is our mistake. But tell me what is your late fee. I am ready to pay this.” The clerk again shouted ” there is no option of late fee. You…. just get lost.” I requested again and again but the same response.  Then we talked to my friend’s brother. Do you know what he said??? He said to us not to worry and told us there was a option of late fee, But we had to give 200 rupees to that clerk.I was really socked. He was not only insulting us but also avoiding his duties just for a bribe of 200 rupees. I said to my friend that i was not going to be a part of this, she might do if she want. But i could understand she had no option except this. It was a question of his brother’s future. So i have chosen to sit outside. There was an old man who told me how sick he was. He had a pain in each and every part of his body, some respiratory problems also & was holding all his medicines in a bag. He told me with a grief that how these clerks was not giving him the MBBS degree of his doughter in law, who was in USA and wanted to do further research & study there, but the degree was necessary for it. He told me how these clerks were just sending him here & there for previous three months in that sick condition & they had no shame of that. I was very sad after listening this.

After some time my friend came out and told me that after getting these 200 Rupees the clerk done everything very gladly. I was totally gave. Now it was time to go home. I went to the old man to say goodbye & said him with a great sorrow ” Baba, just give them 200 Rupees. They will do everything which you want.”

So this is our system. I can never forget that 200 Rupees.It forced me so much to think that i have finally decided to do something for  this. So these 200 Rupees made me.When i studied these problems in detail & tried to find it’s root then i came to a conclusion that if we want to revoke our social and systemetic problems then we have to do some reforms in our education system. Education is the only medius to improve the society. So i have decided to work for educational reforms. It’s just because of that 200 Rupees.

At the end let me inform you that my friend’s brother took me as his own sister. He often said that the way i thought, one day i would do something great.But now he is not with us. He died from a heart attack. Just in a age of 26 . But i will complete all his dreams whatsoever. That’s all.

Praise Of Foolery

Today,  i am going to start a big debate. Friends, we all know that our constitution gives us a right to equality as a fundamental right. No one including government can deprive us from this. Now we will talk about right to education. It is also a fundamental right of each & every child. It proved very helpful to increase the appearance of children in school & also to the literacy rate of india.

But the big question is that if we have a right to equality then why it is not applied in education??? Education is the base of any country. In our country we have two types of schools, private & public. We all know that public schools are really necessary to the poor children which want to read & to do something in life.. But the debate is about quality difference between private & public.. That is really the biggest problem.

Mainly a poor man sends his child to the public school, just because of financial problems.. He knows very well that the level of public school is nothing.. But what could he do???? The riches send their children to popular private school & tution also. Private school works very hard on it’s students.. In these schools child learns that things in 2nd class which he could’t learn in 8th class in public school. After a study of 15 years in these two types of atmosphere when the students sit in competition exam, do u think a public school student ever compete to the private one. Because the ratio of their knowledge at that moment is 1:20. Yes, a private school student has 20 times more knowledge then public one.

Due to this a poor student, which is just because of system, either have to back from the competition or have to satisfy with small level job(normally). Why does everyone not have equal opportunity in our education. Govt is spending so much money on public schools.. Then why not taking some action to improve the level.. Why are officers even public school teachers not sending their child to public schools????

Because they all know the reality. But nobody want to work. Just enjoying a good post. This situation is when the public school teachers are more skilled then private ones. Even in various countries public schools preforms better then privates. They can do everything if they want. But who works for the poors?? Who think about the future of our country?? Nobody have so much time.

Finally let me inform you that according to the education department till now 58% students go to public schools. Government have to step forword for this 58% human resource, despite being happy on increasing that literacy rate which only include reading & writing in any language. If we think this type of education will make india a superpower, then i am sorry but it’s just a illusion, just a foolery & we are doing a “praise of foolery”..

Friends if u agree me.. please comment “right”..

Thank you…

Just give me the answer, if anyone can

Hii friends, some questions about our Indian education system always raise in my mind & trouble me. I openly put the questions in front of you. If anyone can give me the answers or want to join me to raise the voice, both are most welcomed.

The question are as below-

  1. What is the purpose of education?
  2. Is our education system able to complete it’s purpose?
  3. Is this not strange that as much as our literacy rate is increasing, the crime rate is also increasing? you may check out the facts.
  4. Another thing, unemployment. What is the reason that our graduates are not skilled as much as they reqired? Remember I am not talking about exceptions.
  5. Is our education inclusive? What about the children which live as a beggar. Are they really included? And if not, then why? We all have a right to equality.
  6. why each & every problem is increasing if we going to a right path?                               Just give me the answer. I personally think thousands of problems have one solution, education. And if this is not happening then we are going wrong. Then what is right. This is the debate. So join this for our future, for our country.                             Thank you…

My poem

We will never stop laughing in a worry of tomorrow.

We will never stop working due to any suspense.

We know that death is unwanted,

but it is a reality.

It comes everyday,

for anyone, at anywhere.

Human life is rare,

we will not get it again & again.

So we must be courageous in our life journey,

so that we may triumph thousands of problems.

This journey is reality of our life,

we will never turn our face from this.

We will fight to the barrior,

which is never triumphed.

We will win

& stop only after flying our victory flag.

If tomorrow there is a catastrophe,

then also we will complete our whole work.

We can never go back accepting defeat,

despite this we would like to die like a martyr.

We will struggle the storm

&  change the direction of winds.

Even if my dead body might be useful for my goal,

then give it for this sacred duty.

It will be real tribute for me.

Noone have seen heaven &  hell,

we all have only seen this world.

Target of the life must be completed,

it is the one & only summary of life.

So we will never stop laughing in a worry of tomorrow.

We will never stop working due to any suspense.