‘KI & KA’ is a movie (you all know) which is going to release very soon. I am very happy after knowing the concept of the movie. It just says that there should not be any difference between between a girl & a boy. Both of them can do everything. So we should not say that you are the girl or the boy, so you cannot do that particular thing or have to do that particular thing. This is all about ‘KI & KA’. I really like the concept.

But is this really a solution. Let’s go to a little back. Few years ago writer Chaten bhagat has written a novel “FIVE POINTS SOMEONE: WHAT NOT TO DO AT IIT”. I can understand that various people in India have no interest in reading a novel. But on this novel  the blockbuster movie ” THREE IDIOTS” was made. We all know that whole India is crazy about movies & here we are talking about Amir khan & karina kapur’s blockbuster. I personally think that till now at least 90% of Indian have seen the movie. So everyone knows the concept which sharply criticise the rote learning of our education system. The concept was really great but has anything changed??? Even the rote learning is increasing day by day.

Now let’s come at ‘KI & KA’. I am not talking about 100% people but surely in 90% cases it’s a reality of our society that only women are responsible for all of the household work, doesn’t matter she is working or not. Let me say that i am 24 years old. In these 24 years i daily see the women in our houses cooking food, washing utensil & clothes, ironing chothes, making the tea, cleaning the houses & even giving the food to their husbands on the table & tea in the beds, but in such a long time of period i have never seen any men doing all these things for their wifes. Even in 80% of Indian houses it’s really a sin to say the men to do so. I have also seen such a situation when the mother is ill, doughter has an examination next day & the son is totally free. But he cannot help his sister in the work. Perhaps it’s against his ego.

Now tell me is there really not a difference between the girl & boy in our society???  I don’t think so.  Why men take the things in such a way. The women do all of the work, it’s all right. But when the time comes for a man, they can never do. Why??? Is this a work which is below their dignity?? Is this a work of servents??? If so, then why women have to do this. Are they maids?? Then where is the equality?????  All of us must understand that we are human being. God never says that this particular work must be done only by women or men. Then who are you to do so??  We have to do all of the work together & live happily. I personally think that the man who treats the women equally & does not have so small level of dignity which can heart by our household work, will be the real hero for me & i’ll respect that man the most.

So, “KI & KA” is a great attemp towards changing our mindset( though i don’t know how much it being liked). We must assure that we will not only watch & enjoy the movie but also apply. We can do everything if we want. To change the mindset we can also do some changes in our education system. It may be very helpful. Another thing we women have to prepare that we will gives our sons such values that they always treat the women equally.I know that the way is very long, but it’s the one & only option. That’s all.


13 thoughts on “KI & KA

    1. Hii. First thing I know we have some issues between us. But we really respect you n your country very much. Another thing in Indian subcontinent we all are facing various common problems. And most of these we can solve through education reforms. So u r right we must be together.
      Thank u so much for ur appreciation.


  1. Hi, I really appreciated this blog post and your bringing to peoples attention a serious gender inequality issue. I have just started blog where I intend to explore some major issues women around the world face, including educational inequality. Please stop by and let me know your thoughts xx

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  2. Hey,Not only the house hold chores but at alot of platform girls are not given the rights they should have because of equality issues, I would like to give you an example like ICICI T20 WORLD CUP cricket men have been aired on every channel, every person knew about it but there are hardy people who know that there was a women crciket worldcup on at the same time, there were hardly channels which aired their matches, social media,print media busted with stories of mens world cup but there was hardly a single story covered about women.
    We need to grow and the key is education. Great write-up and yeah I am going to watch KI AND KA tomorrow 🙂

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  3. Hi..
    Just came here abd read your post. I really liked your post and appreciate your work / review!

    Only correction i want to suggest you ” The name of the movie is Ki & Ka and not Ka & Ki ”

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