That 200 Rupees: Which made me Nisha

In my childhood i was extremely innocent and emotional girl. I was so sinless that i often trusted everyone. I thought why anyone would tell a lie? What was the need to do so? Just because of this type of behaviour many people including my brothers  often made me foolish. But today i think that sinless, emotional behaviour was not my weakness. These are the things which forced me to do something to solve our social and system problems.

Now let’s talk about that 200 Rupees. I was in first year when i have to go to a medical university with my friend to submit her brother’s examination form who was doing MBBS from a government college.  My friend was a little shy. So i went to talk the clerk and told him that i had to submit the examination form. Let me tell you that we are one day late of last day of submission. The clerk looked me with angry eyes and said ” just get lost. Private college students are better then you. Do you know yesterday was the last day of submission.” I politely said ” sir, really so sorry. I know it is our mistake. But tell me what is your late fee. I am ready to pay this.” The clerk again shouted ” there is no option of late fee. You…. just get lost.” I requested again and again but the same response.  Then we talked to my friend’s brother. Do you know what he said??? He said to us not to worry and told us there was a option of late fee, But we had to give 200 rupees to that clerk.I was really socked. He was not only insulting us but also avoiding his duties just for a bribe of 200 rupees. I said to my friend that i was not going to be a part of this, she might do if she want. But i could understand she had no option except this. It was a question of his brother’s future. So i have chosen to sit outside. There was an old man who told me how sick he was. He had a pain in each and every part of his body, some respiratory problems also & was holding all his medicines in a bag. He told me with a grief that how these clerks was not giving him the MBBS degree of his doughter in law, who was in USA and wanted to do further research & study there, but the degree was necessary for it. He told me how these clerks were just sending him here & there for previous three months in that sick condition & they had no shame of that. I was very sad after listening this.

After some time my friend came out and told me that after getting these 200 Rupees the clerk done everything very gladly. I was totally gave. Now it was time to go home. I went to the old man to say goodbye & said him with a great sorrow ” Baba, just give them 200 Rupees. They will do everything which you want.”

So this is our system. I can never forget that 200 Rupees.It forced me so much to think that i have finally decided to do something for  this. So these 200 Rupees made me.When i studied these problems in detail & tried to find it’s root then i came to a conclusion that if we want to revoke our social and systemetic problems then we have to do some reforms in our education system. Education is the only medius to improve the society. So i have decided to work for educational reforms. It’s just because of that 200 Rupees.

At the end let me inform you that my friend’s brother took me as his own sister. He often said that the way i thought, one day i would do something great.But now he is not with us. He died from a heart attack. Just in a age of 26 . But i will complete all his dreams whatsoever. That’s all.


9 thoughts on “That 200 Rupees: Which made me Nisha

  1. Which education system which starts with giving bribe to admit your child in nursery ,its easy to talk of change ,change doesn’t come from writing ,we are just taking our frustration out ,change needs blood ,unfortunately Indian blood is not of that type

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    1. I understand sir, but we cannot sit in a negetivity. Today we will write then the people may awear tomorrow. The pen can do that thing which cannot be done by guns. If the people like u are with support us then we will also work on ground. I have a long term vission for this. I will shear this very soon and surely do whatever i can.


      1. May be. But i cannot be wild to stop wildness.. Two wrongs never make a right(according to our supreme court n me also). But the good thing is that both of us wants the change.


      2. Unfortunately supreme court is a failure on you I do t want to comment ,iron cuts iron ,you won’t beg lion or pray to him to leave you and he will accept your begging ,be practical


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