The Gift Of Superstition to India

The horrowing period in Indian history, which we can never forget was colony rule. This has converted our country from golden bird(sone ki chidia) to a pauper. In these two centuries we have lost that glam and wealth which was a result of our thousands of years hard work. We can never recollect it in near future. Yes this is the reality. First time when european came to India, they were socked that the person who was actually a beggar, was totally covered with golden jewels. This was the India.

The biggest question why India became a colony??? We may say that due to the ambitions of european, but actually colonisation of india was a gift of our superstition to us. How?? Let me explain. For this we have to focus a little on european history. It was a time when whole europe is going through the renaissance. Humanism was a unseparable part of this renaissance. Humanism means we don’t have to think about god when nobody knows it. Despite this we have to think about the human & try to better the human life, which is the one and only reality of our birth. The renaissance & humanism inspired everyone to research new things. The kitchen of every civil european was converted into a laboratory. Their confidance & courage was so increased that they wanted to find every unknown thing & place of the world. For this purpose they started navigation. Their kings were also supporting  them. This resulted discovery of many areas which were unknown for Europe including America and India.

Now let me tell you that this process of finding news things gifted Europe a scientific revolution which further converted into industrial revolution. The industrial revolution increase the production thousand times. Now these countries really needed some market to consume  their products & to achieve raw material for their industries. This was the only reason that started competition of colonisation among Europeans.

Now let’s come on the actual question. Why did India become a colony?? Before India European countries made whole America & Africa their colony, then they repeated it in Asia including India. The process was same everywhere. First of all European went as a professional to these areas, then slowly slowly dominated those economical & administrative system.  They have not done this first time with us, but only repeated what they were doing in the whole world.  But the real problem was that we were not aware about this.  We didn’t know that what was happening around the world.  We had no idea that they were not only businessmen but also the representative of deadful imperialistic powers.

This lack of information about the world was not just a coincident, but it was all because of our superstitions. These totally disconnected us with the world. To go across the sea water and in that areas where a specific grass & animal did not exist( these were undoubtfully only in India), was restricted by these superstitions. There is no doubt that on the name of religion these superstitious thought were proved more powerful than personal ones.  These things not only decreased our business but also converted us into a non-cognitive population.

The reason behind this was only one.. Our superstitions. We were treated like a slave, our whole money transfered to Britain, we have lost all of our glory & remained just as a pauper. This was not only a financial loot but also an emotional wound for us, not fore one or two years, for two centuries. Why???  Just beause of these superstitions. We can blame Britain for this & of course it was morally wrong what this country had done with us, but we have to understand that if Britain would not do this any other European country would do, because we were unaware.  French and duchess also came to India to do so, but Britain was the winner among these. So we blame Britain. By this we cannot avoid our weakness. That was a phase of colonisation. Our information about the remaining world could only unite us to face these power. But unfortunately due to superstitions of our society we had missed & pushed under a colony rule, which is really a deadful experiance of human history not only for India but also for world.

Now leave this. It was just a bad dream. But some things really trouble me. Why we have learned nothing from history?? Why now in 21st century we are following superstitions, which actually ruined us in past?? At present time also in our country there are some fraud, claiming that they will tell you your future, they will save you from every problem & you just have to do as they say. We gladly permit them to hurt our kith & kin(which are actually mentally sick) on the name of see off the ghost from their body. We worshiped that babas which are now in jails on the charges of rape and other immoral crimes and the other may be the same except some respected ones. But we are not ready to learn a lesson from these things. Except a few persons every Indian would follow any superstition in his or her life at once for some reasons like to get a child, to get a boy child, to make a perfect house, to get a good job or to overcome an uncurable illness.

According to a survey in 2012 more than 80% of Indian believe any type of superstition. It’s not only about uneducated people. More than 61% of the companies follow any unreasonable thing to get financial benifits. Let me clear, i am not against the god. Now tell me if the god is anyones personal heritage?? So if any human claim that he is more closer to the god than you or he can solve any problem of the world then he is making you a fool. If they can do anything then why are they not solving the environment pollution and climate change problem of world or the drought problem of India.

Now come to the point. I just want to say that we have to learn something from our history. What have we learnt?? We are following these supestitions as well as, which was the biggest reason of our bondage. There is a rule of history. If we do not learn anything from it, it will repeat itself again and again. So revoke these superstitions completely otherwise be ready for the another horrowing gift from these unreasonable superstitions.



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