Praise Of Foolery

Today,  i am going to start a big debate. Friends, we all know that our constitution gives us a right to equality as a fundamental right. No one including government can deprive us from this. Now we will talk about right to education. It is also a fundamental right of each & every child. It proved very helpful to increase the appearance of children in school & also to the literacy rate of india.

But the big question is that if we have a right to equality then why it is not applied in education??? Education is the base of any country. In our country we have two types of schools, private & public. We all know that public schools are really necessary to the poor children which want to read & to do something in life.. But the debate is about quality difference between private & public.. That is really the biggest problem.

Mainly a poor man sends his child to the public school, just because of financial problems.. He knows very well that the level of public school is nothing.. But what could he do???? The riches send their children to popular private school & tution also. Private school works very hard on it’s students.. In these schools child learns that things in 2nd class which he could’t learn in 8th class in public school. After a study of 15 years in these two types of atmosphere when the students sit in competition exam, do u think a public school student ever compete to the private one. Because the ratio of their knowledge at that moment is 1:20. Yes, a private school student has 20 times more knowledge then public one.

Due to this a poor student, which is just because of system, either have to back from the competition or have to satisfy with small level job(normally). Why does everyone not have equal opportunity in our education. Govt is spending so much money on public schools.. Then why not taking some action to improve the level.. Why are officers even public school teachers not sending their child to public schools????

Because they all know the reality. But nobody want to work. Just enjoying a good post. This situation is when the public school teachers are more skilled then private ones. Even in various countries public schools preforms better then privates. They can do everything if they want. But who works for the poors?? Who think about the future of our country?? Nobody have so much time.

Finally let me inform you that according to the education department till now 58% students go to public schools. Government have to step forword for this 58% human resource, despite being happy on increasing that literacy rate which only include reading & writing in any language. If we think this type of education will make india a superpower, then i am sorry but it’s just a illusion, just a foolery & we are doing a “praise of foolery”..

Friends if u agree me.. please comment “right”..

Thank you…


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