Just give me the answer, if anyone can

Hii friends, some questions about our Indian education system always raise in my mind & trouble me. I openly put the questions in front of you. If anyone can give me the answers or want to join me to raise the voice, both are most welcomed.

The question are as below-

  1. What is the purpose of education?
  2. Is our education system able to complete it’s purpose?
  3. Is this not strange that as much as our literacy rate is increasing, the crime rate is also increasing? you may check out the facts.
  4. Another thing, unemployment. What is the reason that our graduates are not skilled as much as they reqired? Remember I am not talking about exceptions.
  5. Is our education inclusive? What about the children which live as a beggar. Are they really included? And if not, then why? We all have a right to equality.
  6. why each & every problem is increasing if we going to a right path?                               Just give me the answer. I personally think thousands of problems have one solution, education. And if this is not happening then we are going wrong. Then what is right. This is the debate. So join this for our future, for our country.                             Thank you…

11 thoughts on “Just give me the answer, if anyone can

  1. purpose of education is not only for doing and earning good salary. main purpose of education is to make every person educated and take our country on high in the education era


  2. The purpose of education, in my opinion, is to develop the mind and by that I mean it should make our minds broad and open to influences, it should help us raise constructive questions about our life, society, religion, culture etc., in order to make it better.
    It should train us to find creative solutions to world problems and to make our living in a positive and creative manner.
    but right now, our education system is just producing identical robots who are fit only to work under corporate business houses.
    How will the human skills, capabilities and talents be fully developed if we do not cultivate the mind properly.
    If we are not developing curious and broad minded individuals and instead produce crooked people whose only focus are money, fame and comforts, then, obviously crime and violence will increase.
    Our education system is definitely not inclusive, it gives rise to inequality and discrimination and we are definitely not going in the right path..

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    1. I just say. Wow… You replied in a beautiful way. I totally agree with you. So i often say thousands of problems have one solution, education. I just want to realise people that the path on which we are going is totally wrong. I think the people like you, will help me on this journey.. Thanks again for this amazing comment.

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    1. That’s why we are living in this hell where every1 cry n blame to one another for the wrong. But this is our turn to start a debate n to stand with each other for the good of our next generation..


      1. Which generation ,who don’t know what is morality ,what are ethics , they feel proud abusing ,watching porn , pre marital sex , alcohol ,we don’t need to do anything for them ,all we should do to them is put them in military schools and slog them like donkeys ,they will realize what freedom costs


      2. Ok.. but i again repeat how wildness can teach anyone politeness, which we really need???? N who will allow you to do so??? Our law, our government, children right activist or our respected supreme court??


  3. Present engineers and MBA are do poor at their skills that I have to use word pathetic ,but still they are graduates ,institutions offering such courses are mushrooming as hawkers ,quality doesn’t matter at all pay fees get degrees have fun

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